Reflexology Book

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"Reflexology, the Safe Alternative" is a 296 page how-to (pressure therapy) book, filled with numerous easy to follow foot charts and diagrams. Author Fred Rittenhouse, N.D., a Certified Reflexologist, gives clear; direct instructions for using Reflexology on oneself or another person.  A definitive guide, Rittenhouse's book is practical enough for the common person and detailed enough for Reflexologists to incorporate it into their practices.  It's the textbook used by RRS for our on-line courses that train students to become Certified Reflexologists.

Two Feet TouchingIllustrated to match specific health concerns, it also provides information about specific herb medicines and food for healing. This is a unique combined feature not generally found in most books on Reflexology.  This form of blended medicine can boost the positive effects of Reflexology.

The designed nature of the book does not require reading it from cover to cover. Just conveniently go to the section that documents your health problem. Apply pressure to those areas highlighted on the specific foot chart. As little as five minutes, a few times a day, has been known to bring healing results.

In the pages of this must-read guide, easy resolution to many discomforts are at your fingertips. The first section explains "Why Reflexology Works." The second demonstrates "How to Use It." Starting in chapter three different health conditions are discussed, outlining a simple and holistic regimen. In the last section basic instruction is provided on how the body works. Finally, a glossary gives meaning to unfamiliar words. The layout of this book makes for easy use.

Two Legs and FeetUse Reflexology on your headaches, backaches, earaches, stomachaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, male and female disorders, arthritis, asthma, sinus problems, tension and stress reduction, anxiety and depression, and even fibromyalgia.  Reflexology is powerful "energy medicine" stimulated through bio-electrical reflexes on your feet.

On the use of this therapy, there is a repertory of success stories for a host of health concerns, discussed in the book.

After reading and applying the information contained in this book, you the reader, will likely agree that Reflexology has obvious health benefits right within your reach; because, "healing begins with the sole."